With Forthbridge Advisory Team,
you build a relationship with a team,
not just an advisor. Here's what we offer.


The combined track record of our team spans more than 200 years. Our two senior advisors, Chris Carter and Martin White, each provide more than 20 years of portfolio management and are recognized in the industry as leading professionals.


We’re backed by the strength and reputation of ScotiaMcLeod, one of Canada’s most trusted institutions. ScotiaMcLeod is the investment arm of Scotiabank, which consistently ranks amongst the world’s safest banks, year after year. So with us, you get a unique combination of personal service and institutional resources.


No other group gives you our level of combined expertise in wealth management and succession planning for family-owned businesses.


We work with only a small, select number of families—which means we get to know you well and understand your particular needs and challenges.


We don’t ship your project to third parties. Your plan is built and administered by a team of local specialists, all in one office. We meet with you, face-to-face. We get to know you, and we listen.


We work on a “fee for service” basis rather than on a transactional or commission basis. We feel this approach rightly aligns our interests with yours.


You have access to experts in all wealth/investment management and succession disciplines including law, accounting, estate planning, tax planning, insurance, private banking, planned giving and investment.

  • "The full service "one stop shop" approach to total wealth planning that Chris and his knowledgeable team so capably offer, continues to provide us with one of the most rewarding (and trusting) relationships that myself, and my family, have experienced in all our years of business." – Paul D. – Client since 2011
  • "Chris Carter and his team have earned and maintained our trust and respect as our family Financial Advisor. Throughout this period, we have always appreciated Chris’s straightforward communication and the high level of personal service provided by him and his team. They have been a pleasure to work with and are always responsive to our needs." – Debbie & Vern O. – Client since 1999
  • "I have had the opportunity to work with Chris' team on a personal planning level as well as utilizing their skills in dealing with estate matters for my parents. Their all-encompassing services have helped us navigate areas that would have been difficult for us to manage on our own. They are a fabulous team and I couldn't imagine planning our retirement or future estate matters without them." – Jennifer B. – Client since 2003

Our clients place a high value on the depth of our
expertise and our team's personal service.

Strategic Wealth Planning

Comprehensive analysis and strategic options

Risk management

Tax-efficient solutions

Financial planning and scenario analysis

Business succession and partnership insurance

Private Enterprise Succession Planning

Tax-exempt accumulation and distribution strategies

Estate asset and liability projections

Investment Management

Discretionary portfolio management

Strategies for large concentrated positions

Tax-efficient income replacement strategies

Capital and estate preservation investment strategies

Estate and Trust Services

Wealth transfer planning Estate and trust management

Will and Estate planning

Trustee services

Philanthropic advisory and services

Legacy Planning

Executor Services

Executor "Estate Assist"


Customized access to leverage financing

Dedicated banking team

Confidential and personalized
administrative support